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What is a Ketogenic Diet? Best Ketogenic Diet Recipes!

People that have practiced this diet say that it is one of the most efficient, painless and least demanding diets.

But what exactly is a ketogenic diet?

It is a diet that is based on the higher intake of fat and proteins combined with less intake of carbs (some of the best ketogenic diet recipes suggest zero carbohydrates).

Ketogenic diet changes the metabolism of your body and it is very effective for weight loss. This diet also reduces the risk of developing cardiac disease if you consume mono-unsaturated or poly-unsaturated fat instead of saturated or trans-fat.

ketogenic diet recipes

With the use of ketogenic diet after just two days your body will enter a state of ketosis. In this state your body starts to burn fat really fast. This effect is caused because fat becomes the primary source of energy replacing carbohydrates.

Because of the fast fat burning, fat deposits are also rapidly disappearing giving you the wanted effect.

What can you eat if you are practicing this type of diet? It’s very easy to stick to this diet because it requires some basic food like – eggs, all types of meat (meat should not be fried), fish (tuna, salmon), vegetables (highly recommended, all types of salads) etc.

Using bread is prohibited.

It is highly recommended to take a break after 4 weeks of practicing of ketogenic diet. You can stop it even before one month has passed if you have accomplished the desired goal, but if you want to get more results take a two week break after a month.

Ketogenic Diet is very popular among bodybuilders because losing fat is extremely important for them and thanks to this diet they can lose fat very fast and keep the levels of proteins in their body high.

People that use ketogenic diet witness that they don’t feel hunger and eat whenever they want to. They don’t notice any unusual reactions in their metabolism (strong pain, dizziness etc.).

The most important thing, just as important as starting any other diet, is to be persistent.

The first days could be a little bit harder (the period when the body enters the ketosis state) but after that it’s much easier. In order to measure your success with this diet it’s better to measure your waist and not your weight.

This is the best way to see how successful is your diet because you are primarily fighting fat.

ketogenic diet


Example of Ketogenic Diet Recipe


There are many ketogenic diet recipes available if you choose this diet. Here is one good example of a good ketogenic lunch.


Braised Liver with vegetables:


- Remove 2,2 lbs of liver from the heart and of excess fat, chop and toss it in a platter with chopped garlic and onions.

- Add 1 cup of water (you can also add half cup of wine too just to add some aroma), add some spices (pepper, salt, paprika etc.) and keep it on light heat for 45 minutes. Mix and add water occasionally.

- In the last 15 minutes add a little bit more water and 1 pound sauerkraut.

- Enjoy your meal.